Charles L. Crist, MD, PC

Toxic Metal Testing

Dr. Crist offers toxic metal testing and treatment for his patients. He tests for toxic metals, such as lead, mercury, cadmium, tin and other toxic elements. About 90% of patients that Dr. Crist tested had elevated levels. Toxic metal elevations can cause some of the same symptoms as those caused by a tick-borne illness, and patients with a tick-borne illness often feel better when their toxic metal elevations are treated. Those without a tick-borne illness also feel better with treatment for toxic metals.

Toxic Metal Treatment

After testing, Dr. Crist will review treatment options for detoxing toxic metals out of your body. A major treatment method is IV detoxing, also known as IV chelation. Dr. Crist offers IV chelation treatments in his office.

What is IV Chelation?

A non-surgical treatment for excess body burden of heavy metals. The therapy consists of a series of slow intravenous infusions of a synthesized amino acid called ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid (EDTA).

Benefits of IV Chelation Therapy

EDTA chelation is a safe and effective intravenous treatment. Anecdotal reports in the medical literature have shown good to excellent results in 80-90% of patients, who have received the chelation program. It has been noted that within a month or two of completing a chelation, patients often notice an improvement in energy, vitality, memory, slow healing and sores, as well as a decrease in pain, cramps, weakness and shortness of breath.

Care After IV Chelation Treatment

Patients may experience a detox reaction after receiving IV chelation therapy. Some symptoms of a detox reaction may include, but are not limited to:  fatigue, headache, increased urination, loose stools, nausea/GI upset and flu-like symptoms. It is possible IV chelation may cause your urine to have a foul or funny odor, and possibly be slightly discolored. This is normal as your body is excreting toxins through the urine. There are actions you can take to help minimize or deal with a detox reaction. Instructions on how to minimize these reactions, as well as a thorough list of potential signs and symptoms may be provided at your appointment with Dr. Crist. In general, Dr. Crist’s patients do not have adverse side effects.