Charles L. Crist, MD, PC


“I have been under Dr. Crist’s care now for about 6 years, and I can honestly say he saved my life. After 10 ½ months of being misdiagnosed and basically abandoned by my family doctor and the local medical community, I was feeling pretty lost and hopeless. It’s hard to describe how much hope my first appointment with Dr. Crist gave me, because I had gone through months of seeing doctors that told me anything from “Lyme Disease doesn’t exist in Kansas” to “You’re just depressed.” Dr. Crist is everything all of those doctors were not: he is kind, knowledgeable, patient, and most of all he listens. With Dr. Crist you’re getting an MD that “gets you” and has devoted his career to researching and treating tick borne diseases. It’s because of Dr. Crist that I have what I have today, and that is my life back.”

– Tim

“I have no idea when or how I got Lyme disease, I’ve never seen a tick or a tick bite on my body but I was bit by MANY mosquitoes growing up. I have learned that Lyme disease doesn’t always hit right away. It can lay dormant for months or even years until a major stress kicks it into gear (for me it was the shock my body went through giving birth to twins and then falling and breaking my shoulder all within 6 months). I spent over a year going to 15 different doctors who could not explain ALL of my symptoms (I was misdiagnosed with possible early MS and Fibromyalgia among others). I had an episode of complete vision loss that no one could explain, I had bizarre excruciating pain all over at random times (shoulder burning, leg feeling like someone stuck a knife in it and it and it was digging into me as I walked, hip bone feeling like someone was sanding off the bone) – I felt like a human voo doo doll for lack of a better description. I had frequent leg weakness to the point I felt safer scooting on my floor at home most days since I didn’t want to risk falling and breaking a bone. My quality of life was awful. My twin boys went from babbling as babies to less babbling and being nonverbal by 2 ½ years old. After I found Dr. Crist and talked to him about my boys, we all got tested. We all were diagnosed with Lyme disease and started treatment. A month into treatment both of my boys were babbling again!!! It was like someone flipped a switch! Both of my boys have successfully finished treatment, are talking all the time now, are very smart and happy kids! I am doing so much better! No more “human voo doo doll” issues! I still have some flares but my quality of life is back and I am able to live life again! Dr. Crist truly changed our lives and brought back our quality of life! He literally gave both of my boys their voices and for this I will always be thankful!”

- Angie

“One word that describes Dr. Crist in the most appropriate manner is HEALER. He is at the top of his field in keeping up with new research and treatment. His years of experience and training have helped many patients regain their total health. He recognizes that everyone’s body can respond in a different manner. Therefore, he is not believe one size fits all patients. In addition, he always encourages second opinions however, I have found that his opinion and treatment options work the best in obtaining optimal health.”

- Carla

“Dr. Crist I feel saved my life. He is a wonderful Dr. that thinks outside the box. He is always looking for ways to help his patients feel better. I like how he seems to always be looking for new treatments for borreliosis. He listens to you and lets you ask questions and does not make you feel stupid for asking. I have recommended him to many people and will continue to do so.”

- Sue

“After 22 years of suffering from a mysterious chronic illness, dozens of visits to medical specialists, and years of misdiagnoses, I was blessed to have found Dr. Crist. He listened as I recalled myriad symptoms that plagued me for over two decades, and he promptly ordered the testing necessary to confirm the proper diagnoses that others had missed. His extensive knowledge of tick-borne diseases, his effective treatment plan, and his compassion for those who have been mistreated/neglected by the medical community gave me hope and the chance to reclaim my life. I’m convinced that he, along with his medical staff, saved my life; something for which I will be extremely grateful.”

– Cathi

“I am extremely thankful to be a patient of Dr. Crist. The diagnoses and treatments that I’ve received from him have helped more than any other Dr. that I’ve seen. I spent 20 years visiting many Dr.s all over the country before an infectious disease specialist found out that I had Lyme Disease. That Dr. treated me with antibiotics but I never saw much improvement. Since becoming a patient of Dr. Crist he has found and treated many other issues that present the same symptoms as Lyme Disease. His individualized treatment plan has already helped me, but more importantly given me hope that as we continue I can get back to normal.”

– Ross

“I began seeing Dr. Crist 6 months ago. I was very impressed with how knowledgeable and thorough he is. He assessed each of my symptoms and did not discount any of them. I attribute my improvement to his effort as a physician to stay current in his field and to listen to me as a patient. I feel fortunate to have found out about him.”

– Elly

“Lyme Disease is a living death taking away life as one knows it. There are 3 battles:  to get diagnosed, to get insurance to help pay and to get well. Dr. Crist was my cheerleader during my initial 3-year illness never giving up. He and the Lord healed me making it possible for me to deliver a healthy baby boy just before I turned 44. I have been re-infected with Lyme numerous times and Dr. Crist continues to be there for me and members of my family who have also been infected. I especially appreciate that he is so knowledgeable and presents options allowing me to help make the choices in my care.”

- Norma

“I highly recommend Dr. Charles Crist. I had my first appointment with Dr. Crist in September 2000. A few days after this appointment, I began to feel better and was able to return to work full time. It took me 3 months to find and see Dr. Crist. So getting to a doctor like Dr. Crist whom is very knowledgeable concerning Borreliosis/Master’s Disease can be a real life saver. I am from out of state, but it is well worth the drive/fly to see Dr. Crist in Missouri. I have been his patient for 18 years.”

– Steve

“I’m very thankful for Dr. Crist’s diagnosis and treatment. He is very thorough and knowledgeable.”

– Linda