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Toxic Metal Elevations

Close to 100 of my borreliosis patients have been tested for lead, mercury, cadmium, tin and other toxic elements. About two-thirds have elevated levels. Another physician that helps a lot of borreliosis patients has found the same thing. Toxic metal elevations can cause the same symptoms as borreliosis. As far as is known, ticks do not cause these toxic elements. However, the toxic metals just might be one of the “straws” that is “breaking the back” of your health.

Borreliosis patients often feel better when their toxic metal elevations are treated, but are not helped as much as by antibiotics, heparin and hormones. Still, it is still reasonable to test for this. I use a urine collection test, with provocation by DMSA.

Medical doctors may give patients prescriptions for drugs that pull toxic metals out of the body into the urine. Other physicians test hair for toxic metals, but who knows what toxic elements might be in shampoos, conditioners, perms, dyes or other hair products? I have more peace with urine testing. If you test urine specimens, you know for sure the toxics elements came out of the body. Blood tests for toxic metals have been done by other doctors in some of my patients, but are always negative and in my opinion of zero value.